An informative web site about Topic Maps, maintained by
Michel Biezunski (Infoloom) and
Steven R. Newcomb (Coolheads Consulting)

Work in progress on Topic Maps

The Draft "RM4TM" ISO Reference Model for ISO 13250 Topic Maps and the Draft "SAM" Standard Application Model for ISO 13250 Topic Maps (including the XTM syntax) (together, these supersede PMTM4/TMPM4)'s Processing Model for XTM 1.0 (also known as "PMTM4" and "TMPM4", now superseded by RM4TM and SAM)

The Toolkit for Topic Map Information Processing, an implementation and facilitation of PMTM4 by Jan Algermissen and Sam Hunting

The structure of Topic Maps Foundations: two DTDs for Topic Maps Graphs á la PMTM4

A draft statement of requirements for a comprehensive topic map query language (May 6, 2001)

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About the operators/editors of the Web Site

Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb have been working together since 1992. They co-founded the CApH Group (Conventions for the Applications of HyTime), hosted by the Graphic Communications Association Research Institute (now called IDEAlliance). With Martin Bryan, Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb co-edited the ISO/IEC 13250:2000 "Topic Maps" standard. They co-founded TopicMaps.Org, and they were the first editors of XTM 1.0, an interchange syntax for topic maps in XML.

Steven R. Newcomb is a consultant working for Coolheads Consulting in information management. With Charles F. Goldfarb, W. Eliot Kimber, and Peter Newcomb, he is a co-editor of the HyTime international standard (ISO/IEC 10744:1997, Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language).

Michel Biezunski is consultant working for Coolheads Consulting. Among other things, he is designing and implementing topic maps solutions for its customers.

Last updated: November 25, 2002.